Shipping Method

ShopShops uses the live streaming method to introduce and sell the products during the live streaming. Due to the uncertainty of the live store, there will be many products uncertainties for the inventory and attributes. Please be aware before purchase, thank you!


商品价格=价格*实时人民币汇率*中国进关关税 (注:部分商品需另加地方税)

About the Price

Commodity price = Price * Real-time RMB exchange rate * China customs tariff (Note: some goods need to add local tax)



分类 价格(¥)
箱包 大包(双肩包,挎包,拎包等) 58
小包(钱包,卡包) 38
首饰类 25
配饰类 25
化妆品 250 ml - 25
250 ml += 38
衣服 外套 58
小件衣服(内衣(文胸/内裤)/丝巾/帽子/丝袜/裤子/睡衣/浴袍/围巾/毛衣/衬衫/T恤等) 38
鞋子 58
食品(大件零食及套装) 58

About Delivery Fee

ShopShops shipping price is upgraded, all shipping costs are directly added to the product price. The specific price increase rules are as follows:

Category Price(¥)
Case Big Bag(Backpack,Satchel,Tote etc.) 58
Small Bad(Wallet,Card Package) 38
Jewelry 25
Accessories 25
Makeup 250 ml - 25
250 ml += 38
Clothes Coat 58
Small clothes (underwear (bar / underwear) / scarves / hats / stockings / pants / pajamas / bathrobes / scarf / sweaters / shirts / T-shirts, etc.) 38
Shoes 58
Food (big snacks and suits) 58
Note: This shipping fee is limited to US to China.



ShopShops’ products are all overseas direct ship and need to go through customs, so the buyers please upload ID cards in time in order to easily clear customs. If the order without uploaded ID card, it can not be shipped, thank you for your cooperation.



About Delivery

Before shipping, the store will carefully package each item to ensure the quality of the product. Since the goods have come to China after a long journey, it is possible that crushing or collision will cause the package to be deformed in the process of transportation. Thank you for your understanding.



About Free Gifts

All customers who win the live streaming gifts must contact the customer service to get the corresponding gift link within 24 hours after the end of the live streaming. If the link is not clicked by the customer for more than 24 hours, it is deemed to automatically give up the gift.



About Color

During the live streaming, there may be some color difference between the color of the product and the actual object due to the light and browser factors. Different monitors and mobile browsers may display different colors. Please consult with customer service or hosts before ordering to avoid chromatic aberration problem.



About Logistics

Under normal circumstances, goods will be shipped from the United States after 1-2 weeks of payment, usually 20-25 working days to China. Since cross-border logistics involves multiple parts, you may encounter special situations such as customs detention or significant US holidays, so that the delivery time will be extended. Thank you for understanding.



About the Price Difference

If the price is reduced in the store within 7 natural days after the order is placed (7 natural days from the next day of purchase date of the order), the store will refund the difference. The difference is calculated by the product price subtract the price after the price reduction. Applicable price reductions include changes in the price day and limited-time specials. Excluding time-limited purchases, multiple 199 minus 20, etc.), full reduction coupons, annual promotion (such as 6/18, 11/11, Black Friday, 12/12) and advanced promotion or back for promotion..



  1. 非直播中的平销商品支持付款后24小时内退换货服务,超过24小时概不退不换
  2. 非卖品,集市,古着的正常直播场次支持付款后24小时内退货服务,超过24小时后,非商品质量问题概不退不换。
  3. 由于特卖,集市及古着场次的特殊性,只支持直播中退货服务,直播结束后所有商品一律不退不换。(特卖,古着,集市等会有微瑕疵和穿着的痕迹,介意者慎拍!)
  4. 商品质量问题退换货,需在收到货后24小时内联系客服,过24小时后一律不退不换。

About Return

Since ShopShops uses the live streaming form to sell products, we should reserved products after live show, so the return service of the store is as follows:

  1. Non-live streaming flat sales allow return within 24 hours after payment, but no refund for more than 24 hours
  2. Non-sales product, bazaar, and secondhand clothing regular live streaming only allow return service within 24 hours after payment. For more than 24 hours, non-commodity quality issues will not be refunded.
  3. Due to the particularity of special sale, the bazaar and the second hands’ live, only supported the return service in the live streaming. After the streaming is over, all the products will not be returned. (Special sell, vintage, bazaar, etc. There will be traces of wearing, and please be aware of the purchase!)
  4. Due to product quality problem, you need to contact customer service within 24 hours after receiving the goods if you need to return or exchange. After 24 hours, you will not be refunded.
Please read carefully and be aware before purchasing, thank you so much for understanding!



About Dimensional Measurement

The size of clothes and accessories in the live streaming process is manually measured.Because the manual measurement is not as accurate as machine and the way of measurement by each person is different, the measurement may have a deviation of about 2-4 CM, which belongs to the normal range and for reference only, please make the object as the standard.